2-9-14 CrossFit Games 2014 Open is almost here

2014 gamesThe 2014 CrossFit Games open is almost here and it would be great to have everyone jump in and participate.

“The CrossFit Games are about more than just crowning a champion. The Open level is a great, big measuring stick. Maybe it’s you against yourself, your brother or every other guy your age in the world. But I think that’s part of why people love competing at anything. You find out where you stack up.” – Justin Bergh, General Manager of the CrossFit Games

We will be doing the workouts as an affiliate, so you might as well sign up and enjoy the fun that the open is.  Here are two REALLY great articles about the open that I would recommend reading if you are either on the fence or have no idea what the open even is.

ARTICLE #1 “For Each and For All” – Read the complete article HERE

ARTICLE #2 “To Do, or Not to Do (the CrossFit Open)….That Is the Question” – Read the complete article HERE

And now that YOU’RE IN – Register HERE and jump into the fun that will be the 2014 Open!

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