1-21-14 A Dream Come True

20 min AMRAP
5 Clean (145#/95#)
10 Toe to Bar
15 Wall Ball (20#-10’/14#-9′)

Just wanted to send a big congratulations out to Tandy Olsen for winning the Free Motion Event this past weekend.  Tandy took home the male entry with a time of 46 minutes and 35 seconds, edging out Brent Seeley by a mere 9 seconds!  For his efforts he received an entry into the 2014 Boston Marathon.  This has been something Tandy has wanted to do since he was a child and we are thrilled that this will be the year he will fulfill his dream!

Here’s what these competitors endured:

2 mile run at 0% incline
50 lateral shuffles with a tilt using the ViPR
Climb 1000 vertical feet (no stopping and no holding on!)
50 mid rotations on the Dual Cable Cross
1 mile run at 6% incline

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