1-6-14 “2014 Nutrition Challenge” and other stuff

Our next foundations class starts on Jan 6th at 7pm – get your friends the $40 off gift card and this 3 week class will only cost $20. Classes will be held on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday nights at 7 pm for the next 3 weeks.

SOUTH LOCATION – the 9:30 am class will now be held at 9 am / the 12:30 pm class will now be at 12:00 pm, still M, Tu, & Th / Coach Joe will be doing Strength classes on Thursdays. So Thursdays will look like this; the 4:15 pm time will be a strength only class, the 5:15 pm time will be both Strength and CrossFit, and 6:15 pm time will be CrossFit only.

We have the opportunity to have a double under seminar by world champion Molly Meltz on Jan 17th. She is willing to come from Colorado, but I need to know ASAP if there is enough interest to bring her here. The cost would be $45 for the seminar and this is directed at members/athletes not just coaches. Please let Paul know by Monday night if you would be interested so we can get it lined up.

comitment means2014 Nutrition challenge details can be found HERE. Read through this document carefully so you know what we are doing. The basics are you are eating clean. There will be an opportunity once you’ve been clean for 30 days to start introducing some items back into you meal plan, but only with some discussion and understanding. Start logging what you eat MONDAY and once you sign up (available Tuesday) we will get you your log sheets that you can use and share with the coaches so we can better help you succeed.

Here are the dates and times that pictures and measurements will be taken (Stacey is handling this exclusively and only at these times and locations).
Tuesday – 5 & 6, 10 am 5 pm North Gym
Wednesday morning – Thursday afternoon

We will have our meeting Saturday morning at 9 am at the North location. While this won’t be mandatory, it will definitely be helpful and informative.

(4x) (15 min time cap)
25 Wall Balls
25 Sit Ups

4 Burpees to start and then at the top of the min until you have completed 4 rounds or have reached the 15 min time cap – add one second to your time for every uncompleted rep if you reach the time cap

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