1-4-13 Five Tips for a Successful New Year’s Resolution

COLD WAR 2014 is in FULL SWING at the NORTH GYM (in Smithfield) so we will not be holding any regularly scheduled classes, but the SOUTH GYM will hold a WOD at 7:30 am.  Be sure and swing into the North Gym and cheer on all of the competitors, especially those from our box.

Article of the Day: 5 Tips for a Successful New Year’s Resolution
by: Zach Gee

Every January, many people set a New Year’s resolution, or goal, to help them have s successful year. For many of these people, getting in better shape and improving one’s health is one of the most common resolutions, as witnessed by how populated gyms become at the beginning of the year. Fast forward to March and the gyms are no longer as busy as they used to be. This is often because people are not having the success that they would like to have had and have given up. Continue to read the article HERE.

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