MONSTER BASH is complete!

All I have to say is AMAZING.  The Guys and Gals at CrossFit BTH did a fantastic job today hosting their first event, MONSTER BASH! We all had a great time and as always it was fun to be a part and be around so many friends from the CrossFit Community.  So many great things happened this weekend….where to start.

Watching Brian, Lyndsey (pictured), Emma and Malik in their first CrossFit competition was a blast.  They all did such a great job and left their very best on the table.  They finished third in the co-ed scaled team division.

team iota south

Bailey came through with FLYING colors finishing 11th in the open women’s division and 3rd in the youth division. The best thing was she didn’t scale one workout and set a PR on her dead lift of 20#’s!


Melissa made us proud and did an amazing job in the women’s open category taking down third place!! (Sue stood in and picked up the trophies for her.) Also in the women’s open category Ronnie came in 7th, Sue came in 9th.

3rd womens open

And there where no surprises, well for us anyway, that Stephanie finishing atop the women’s masters leader board. She had a clean sweep of the event and took 1st on every workout!

steph with the win

We where also well represented in the open men’s division. Jerry took 4th, Dakotah took 9th in his first ever CrossFit event, Jacob took 13th, Habb took 18th, Thomas took 20th and Brock too 22nd. Well done boys!!

Last but not least was the Team Rx Division.  Paul, Daryl, Cerissa and Tam took first, Camile, Tausha, Chans (CrossFit Unknown) and Dayton (CrossFit Ascension) took 4th.

im on team awesome

A HUGE thank you to Ryan and Kyle who jumped in and stepped up on the judging and volunteered their day to help out and make the event great. But best of all was having our family and friends venture up to Preston to cheer us on. It’s always fun to know we are supported by so many great people. Our community continues to grow and flourish because of each of you. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for all of your support! You all play such an important role in making what we do EXCELLENT!


Author: Paul @ IoTA Fitness

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