6-6-13 Looking for some inspiration?

We’ve got two gals at the box that have and still are making amazing changes. Jamie and Erin both had a little fun the other morning pulling around the weight they had lost. Keep up the good work.  You’re both inspirations to us all.

jamie-150lb pull

“That’s me, running while sled pulling 150 pounds. {my legs and butt are on fire!!!} I used to have that much extra weight on me every single day. Don’t mind my sweaty, cheesy, trophy pose. I just can’t help it. Ha. “


“I started my weight loss journey 2 years ago this week:) I marked it today by pulling the weight I’ve lost behind me…cause that us where it shall stay! 115 lbs gone and the journey continues:)”

Clean and Jerk (20 min to complete)
2×1 @ 75% / 2×1 @ 80% / 2×1 @ 85% / 2×1 @ 90% / 2×1 @ 85% / 4×1 @ 75% – rest 30-60 sec between lifts

800m run
Wall Ball & Sit Up



i wonder(4x)
12 Power Clean (135#/95#)
21 Double Unders
12 Russian Kettle Bell Swing (70#/53#)
21 Double Unders

2 reps EMOM for 5 min @ 80% (10 total reps)
5×3 front squat heavy

6-4-13 A HUGE Sigh of relief….

reginalsWOW, what a whirlwind of a weekend.  A HUGE thank you to Stacey and the other coaches who took great care of all the classes while I was away.  I really also appreciate all of you who came down to the regionals, volunteered or just watched and cheered.  It was a really fun event to be a part of and It was fun to see our IoTA Family there in force.

A few things that are happening that I need to update everyone on.

#1 – I’ve FINALLY got all of the team shirts so if you would like to pick yours up tomorrow we’ve got them.

#2 – CrossFit Kids does indeed start tomorrow.  So if your kids are signed up or you would like to bring your kids, then tomorrow is the day.  Classes will be exactly 45 min and will be at 8 am, 10 am, and 11 am.  If you don’t know which class your child belongs in, feel free to contact me. Just a reminder that the 8 am Class is now a Kids Class and not an adult class.

#3 – Leave No Survivors will be here before we know it so if you would like to participate or volunteer to help, please let me know as we will be getting things setup pretty quickly for our event. (June 28-29)

25 Push-up
15 Deadlift (185#/135#)
400m Run