3-1-13 Victoria

She has come to be known for her instinctive heroism in saving the lives of many of her young students, but at her funeral, Victoria Soto, a first-grade teacher at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, was remembered in a way that only those closest to her would have known. (Read the rest of the story here)

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30 MIN TIME LIMIT! So work as hard as you can and get the most work done you can.


2-28-13 Squat Snatch

willJon Wells has the greatest birthday, February 29th! I don’t know if he’s even ten yet! Hope you have a great Birthday Jon.

LIFT: 20 min to establish your 1 Rep Mas Squat Snatch or Clean and Jerk.

1000m row
Double Under
Toe to Bar

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get on trackHappy Birthday Kim Williams

21 Sit-up
15 Shuttle Run (10m)
9 Deadhang Pull-up (No Kip)

Back Squat
1X5 @ 70%, 1X5 @ 75%, 1X3 @ 80%, 1X3 @ 85%, 3X2 @ 90% – rest 1-2 minutes

Stay focused on your nutrition even though the challenge might be over, keep up the good work.  Don’t forget to take your after pictures so the girls can pick the winners for the challenge,

2-26-13 New Clothes…FINALLY!

2-26-13-open11-5 Happy Birthday Kyle Smith

CrossFit Games Open WOD 11.5
20 Min AMRAP
5 Power Clean (145#/100#)
10 Toe to Bar
15 Wall Ball (20#-10’/14#-9′)

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First and foremost we’ve taken a technological leap forward and FINALLY joined instagram. If you’re an instagramer you can follow us HERE! Thanks Deena 😉

It’s TRUE!  We’ve finally got all of the clothing art and samples ready to go!  New Shorts for the guys, sweat pants, yoga and capri’s for the ladies and Sweatshirts for anyone and everyone.  We’ve got a few of the guys shorts in stock, and will be happy to re-order what ever we need to, check them out at the box!

All of the ladies pants will be special order. We have samples of everything so you can try them on and be sure you get something that you will like and will fit.  Yoga pants and Capris will be $25 and are available in Blue, Green, Pink and Purple.

Girls Yoga Pant

Sweatpants will also be special order. We have two different styles and colors (black or grey) and also have them in various sizes so you can try them on as well.  The black one’s will be $30 and the grey ones will be $35.

. Web VS IoTA art girls sweats

We will be ordering some of the sweatshirts, but if you want to be sure you get the size or color you would like, then pre-order are also being taken. Hoodies will be $40. Web

2-25-13 11 Biggest Lies of Mainstream Nutrition

crossfitpyramidHappy Birthday Cody Corbridge!

Well team it’s the end of the 2013 challenge and we hope that we have both inspired and helped you kick the year off write. I was talking to one of our members who said they had a friend that told them they didn’t like “challenges” or “diets”. “There advice was just moderate your eating.”  That gets a big thumbs down.  Just like CrossFit nutrition when weighed and measured becomes quantifiable, just like an increase in strength, and when you make good food choices (ie the type of food you eat) then it’s like revving your bodies engine.

The coaching staff at our box are all fan’s of helping people improve all aspects of your life and nutrition is truly the one thing that if you want to make both performance and physical changes the quickest, you must work hard at!  For many the challenge has provided a way for you to kick start 2013 in the right way.  Keep the good nutrition habits you’ve started the past 2 months going and keep looking for way to improve. Reach you’re goals and be willing to sacrifice what feels good now for what you want most.

The foundation of the CrossFit Pyramid is “Nutrition”. CrossFit’s nutrition prescription: “Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruits, little starch, and no sugar. Keep intake to levels that will support exercise but not body fat… Nutrition can be a touchy topic, like politics or religion, that people take very personally, but good nutrition is the foundation not only for general health but also for high-performance fitness.” – Coach Greg Glassman.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday Stacey and Tami will be taking “after pictures”, so they can pick challenge winners.  I’ve noticed and heard about many positive changes among our team and look forward to the results of the past 2 months of hard work and good eating.

Article of the Day: 11 Biggest Lies of Mainstream Nutrition

4 Dead Lift (135#/95#)
6 Box Jump (24″/20″)
4 Kettlebell Clean and Press each arm (35#/26#)

Coaches Challenge
4 – Deadlift (135#/95#)
6 Box Jump (30″/24″)
4 KB CnP each arm (53#/44#)

Athlete Profile – Cody Apedaile

Happy Birthday Holly Corbridge and Stacey Crandall

Tells us about yourself… 5’11”, dirty blonde hair, hazel eyes, single, B-positive blood type… and a smart-ass  Ok, so here is a little bit more. I’m described as energetic, happy and weird. I served a mission in Dallas, Texas and have been home for 6 months now. I’m going to school at USU and am currently looking into illustrating. I blame comic books for that.

What’s your day job? Student at Utah State University, Mix-man at Casper’s Ice Cream, Cupid (Valentine’s Day)

How where you introduced to CrossFit? In my youth my parents would say, “You’re going to church, because you are part of this family.” I returned from my mission and they said, “You’re going to CrossFit, because you are part of this family.”

What’s your favorite WOD or Lift? Any pull-up bar movement

What is your favorite skill/movement that you have learned at CrossFit IoTA? Bar Muscle Ups

How has CrossFit changed your life? I have a good looking body to show off whenever I decide to run around in a diaper and wear wings.

What keeps you motivated and coming back for more? The variety of the workouts and leaving thoroughly kicked, but happy.

What’s something you know now that you wish someone would have said to you when you started CrossFit? I think they covered all the bases. “It’s going to be fun” “You are going to be sore for the first few weeks.” “No, this isn’t Hell.”

One word to describe me would be… Unique

I have always wanted… Learn to fly a helicopter and paraglide

Outside of the gym, I like to… Draw, bike, read, cheer people up, chase girls and hang out with friends

Three things you would always find in my fridge… Milk, eggs and apples

Something nobody knows about me or would be surprised to know about me… I was life-flighted to Salt Lake City because of a head injury I received while sledding. (And that is NOT why I’m so weird)

Favorite physical activity outside of CFI… Bicycling or Climbing

Favorite place to eat in Cache Valley… Wok on Wheels

Song(s) that gets me pumped up for a workout… Any high energy Ska

The last thing I ate was… An apple

My proudest accomplishment is… My CrossFit Painting (It’s the most recent)

cody paintingMy six month goal is… Be able to do Double-Unders well and Ring Muscle Ups

My favorite workout attire is… Gym shorts, my orange Southern gospel shirt and an aura of confidence

My favorite workout partner(s)… Tom and John Apedaile and Kyle Griffiths

If you created a WOD and named it after yourself what would the workout be? I’ll leave that up to someone who knows what they are doing. I generally don’t know what I’m doing, I’m just going

2-23-13 we need a little help tomorrow morning

heartAngie Belnap needs some help moving tomorrow morning.  If you’re available and willing to help her move a few big items I’m going to go over at 9am after the WOD she would love the help (men there are a few large items, couches, beds that she needs a little help with).  Text or call me if you can help for an hour so.

7:30 am WOD tomorrow morning.

20 min to establish the following barbel complex
1 – Power Clean
3 – Front Squat
1 – Jerk
3 – Back Squat
1 – Rack Jerk

Teams of 3
40 Wallballs (20#-10’/14#-9′)
40 Double Unders
40 Calorie Row
40 KB Swing (53#/35#)