Some Kinda Tabata
Wall Balls alternating/w Sit-up
1 min Rest
Push Press (75#/45#) alternating/w Sumodeadlift Highpull (75#/45#)

Article of the Day: Is my slow progress TOO slow? This is a GREAT read and here is a small excerpt. “It’s not always easy to remember that progress is progress. Ninety-five percent of the time I know that every bit forward counts and is not insignificant. But this doesn’t mean I don’t sometimes compare myself to the best in my gym, the best online, and sometimes the best in the world. “


Athlete Profile – Cerissa Hebdon

Tells us about yourself… I was born and raised in Brigham City with an older brother and a younger sister (yep, I’m the middle child). I moved here for college in 2006, where I graduated with a degree in Accounting and Economics. Rodney and I met here, and got married in 2009. We have three dogs, a demon cat, and we live in Smithfield!

What’s your day job? I am the Benefit Administrator and Accountant for Wasatch Property Management

How where you introduced to CrossFit? My sister-in-law Angie Belnap. She asked me to come try it for like four months before I finally gave in and tried it.

What’s your favorite WOD or Lift? I love the filthy fifty and cleans, snatches, and push press

What is your favorite skill/movement that you have learned at CrossFit IoTA? Pull ups!

How has CrossFit changed your life? CrossFit has given me so much confidence. It’s hard to put into words, but I know everyone that has done CrossFit has experienced it. Being able to push yourself harder than you thought possible, lift heavier than you thought you could, or go faster/further than you have before. It is amazing. It makes me feel so much more confident in every other aspect of my life.

What keeps you motivated and coming back for more? Because I love how it makes me feel! Iota is like a 2nd home for me.. it’s a place I go to almost every day, and I absolutely love the people there! I have seen a lot of changes in my body and my ability. I get so excited for benchmarks to see my improvement over the last one. And I am completely addicted… CrossFit is my “drug” of choice!

What’s something you know now that you wish someone would have said to you when you started CrossFit? I feel like I was fore-warned by Angie (remember it took her four months to convince me!).. it’s addicting, it hurts, you’ll be sore all the time, and you will absolutely love it. 🙂

One word to describe me would be… one word?! that’s all i get?! hahaha! I guess I would say ambitious.

I have always wanted… to travel the world

Outside of the gym, I like to… hang out with my family, hike, snowboard, take pictures, watch the Jazz play (can’t wait for the season to start!)

Three things you would always find in my fridge… Chocolate milk, cheese, and salsa!

Something nobody knows about me or would be surprised to know about me… I was the president of my sorority in college.

Favorite physical activity outside of CFI… hike/trail running, snowboarding, volleyball & zumba 🙂

Favorite place to eat in Cache Valley … hmm I don’t really eat out much anymore. I guess Rumbi has become a new favorite.

Song(s) that gets me pumped up for a workout… Anything… I don’t really hear the music once I start. I spend most of the WOD talking to myself “one more rep, just keep moving, you ran 13 miles – you can do a 200m” hahaha

The last thing I ate was… scrambled eggs and a glass of milk

My proudest accomplishment is… most recently – competing in Leave No Survivors and running the TOU 1/2 marathon

My six month goal is… to beat my husband Rodney in an arm wrestle!

My favorite workout attire is… shorts and a tank

My favorite workout partner(s)… I love everyone at the box!.

If you created a WOD and named it after yourself what would the workout be?
Four rounds of:
20 walking lunges
15 push press
10 pull ups
5 hang cleans


Happy Birthday to one of our newest members Heather Toone.

Tomorrow WOD promises to be EPIC….like draw your team out of a hat and strategically plan how to accomplish WOD’s with the team. Bring on the F-U-N at 7:30 am!!

What a great WOD this a.m.  Teams of two completed the following WOD’s with a rolling clock.

WOD #1 – Each team member must complete 1000m row followed by max rep jumprope (doubles or singles until time expires for total reps.

WOD #2 (Start @ 10 min) – 1RM Bench Press for each team member for a total load

WOD #3 (Start @ 20 min) – Max Burpee Pull-ups – one person working at a time for total reps

WOD #4 (Start @ 25 min) – 10 min AMRAP – 10 partner wallballs 5 tire flip jump troughs 150m run for total rounds + reps

9-28-12 The Chief

“The Chief”Each year in the United States Navy, a highly qualified and elite cadre of Sailors are selected and promoted to the join the ranks of Chief Petty Officer. Since 1893, “The Chiefs” have been relied upon by subordinates and superiors alike for their personal example, technical expertise and above all, their unique leadership capabilities. As the induction process for newly selected Chief Petty Officers is now underway throughout the US Navy, we thought it appropriate to inaugurate “The Chief” in honor and recognition of all past and present CPOs. Thanks to them and their families for their self-sacrifice, ability to adapt, tireless dedication to mission and devotion to country.

As many rounds as possible in 3:00 of:
3 Power Cleans, 135 pounds/95 pounds
6 Push ups
9 Air Squats
Rest 1:00. Repeat for a total of 5 rounds.

Compare your previous score here.

“There is simply no other exercise, and certainly no machine, that produces the level of central nervous system activity, improved balance and coordination, skeletal loading and bone density enhancement, muscular stimulation and growth, connective tissue stress and strength, psychological demand and toughness, and overall systemic conditioning than the correctly performed full squat.” Mark Rippetoe


1000m row
60 seconds rest as clock continues to roll
Overhead Squat (95#/65#) &  Lateral Jump Burpees
(Your score is your total time including rest)

Some excellent perspective for ALL to keep in mind. “Exercise to stimulate, not to annihilate. The world wasn’t formed in a day, and neither were we. Set small goals and build upon them.” – unknown

9-25-12 do you have 30 min a day?

Sometimes you find the funniest things in the kettlebells.

Happy Birthday Bert Christensen!!

15 in AMRAP
8 Kettlebell Swing
16 Sit-up
24 Double Unders (3:1 Singles)

If there is one thing that is in the forefront of my mind it’s health and wellness.  Without a doubt loosing a few pounds, gaining some muscle, setting new personal best and doing things you never imagined that you would do make the journey worth it, but when it comes right down to it, the real goal is to be more healthy.  This VIDEO NAILS IT! TEAM consistency is the key to a longer, better, more healthy life.