Smithfield Health Days 2012 results

The results are in and it’s official WE HAD FUN! Nothing like gathering with a great group of friends to participate in one of our communities events.  Thanks to all of you who took the time to come and run with us. We managed to round almost everyone up for a few pictures today as well.  Stay tuned for our next T.E.A.M. run in July out in Lewiston. Find complete race results here.


Author: Paul @ CrossFit IoTA

For me, fitness is a source of joy, and it takes many forms. I pursue CrossFit, Running and Cycling, all toward the end of becoming a better athlete and a more well-rounded human being. The bottom line, Speed, Strength, Power, Cooridination, and Progress, this is what I am after. As a CrossFit Endurance certified trainer, I hope to inspire you to change your life for the better by taking control of your well being and increasing your level of fitness.