12-27-11 How long will you hate yourself?

15 Knees to Elbows
60 Double Unders (3:1 Singles)
15 Knees to Elbows
30 Double Unders
15 Knees to Elbows
60 Double Unders
15 Knees to Elbows

10 Spealers (1 Toe to Bar + 1 Knees to Elbow = 1 Spealer)
100 Double Unders (NO Singles)
10 Spealers
50 Double Unders
10 Spealers
100 Double Unders
10 Spealers

Weight loss seems to always be a hot topic of discussion, especially as we begin a new year, many people have a renewed desire to take control of their lives.  At CrossFit IoTA we work with quite a few men and women whose goals are throwing a lot of weight on the bar, moving better and faster and then eating healthy (meats and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar)and consuming what is needed to perform their best, with little or NO regard for the numbers on the scale!

It is especially disappointing to see women caught in a cycle of hating themselves and their bodies, while simultaneously pronouncing freedom from society’s oppression on their self-image. I’m not pretending to know what it is like to be a woman by any means. I do know, however, that subscribing to some of the crazy magazines I see on the shelves of the groceries store, like Cosmo, will only continue to distort your view of honest to goodness  “self-improvement”.  There is more to life than just losing weight so you can “make someone else happier”.


Sadly, this and many other magazine like it are devoted to how YOU, as a woman, should change yourself so men will like you more.  All this does is set you up for a life of inner self-loathing and a feeling of inadequacy.  You may think that if you just “lose that last 5 pounds and then everything will be fine”, but in reality, you will just move on to find something else about yourself that disgusts you. 

Instead of devoting your life to visually pleasing another and focusing on your looks, instead try to build your abilities. For example, I don’t want gaint biceps and neglect the rest of my body, I would rather increase my strength and conditionaing as much as possible, and have the ability to teach others the same.

Let’s face it: your body type is your body type. Let’s not waste time looking at pictures of people whose body type we wish to have, because you will never have their body type no matter how much you starve yourself or how many miles you run. Take your focus off of a weight goal that is not only unattainable, but extremely unhealthy. Yes there is such a thing as a healthy weight, but everyone remembers that muscle is more dense more than fat and if you are a solid 150 and look great, who cares what your weight is?

Do you really want to spend your entire life obsessed about your weight and despise what you see in the mirror? I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. Cancel your subscription to Cosmo, toss the scale, grab a barbel and focus on things you can change!  In January we will be having out first “THROW AWAY YOUR SCALE” challenge….more details coming soon.


Author: Paul @ IoTA Fitness

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