Athlete Profile – Steve Smith

Steve Smith PRing his Back Squat (405#)

Tell us about yourself…. Grew up in smithfield, some college, mission, kids, married, etc…etc….

What is your day job? I’m a painting contractor. You need something painted? I’ll paint it.

How were you introduced to CrossFit? A friend of mine Wayne Kirk, told me about it on the phone one day a couple years ago, it was sometime in January and I was looking for something to help me lose some weight. I had just set some new years resolutions. Went down to CFCV and just like everyone else soon became addicted. Haven’t really lost the weight, but I am stronger now at 36 than I have been ever in my life.

What is your favorite WOD or Lift? I like anything heavy, power snatch is probably my favorite.

What is your favorite skill/movement that you have learned at CrossFit IoTA? I don’t really have a favorite skill, I’m not very good at technique movements. I’m just a big fan of the overall functionality that crossfit offers. It strengthens your entire body, head to toe. Including your brain.

How has CrossFit changed your life? I’ve been doing this for long enough now, it’s just part of my daily routine. It has made me more aware of my health and ego. Sometimes (meaning daily) we get carried away during the 7am class, it’s fun to compete, but I’ve learned not to take it too seriously.

One word to describe me would be… Entertaining. My wife says determined.

I have always wanted… Cruise the Mediterreanean. And hunt a coastal brown bear in Alaska with my bow. 1500 lb bear. Who wouldn’t want to do that?!

Outside of the gym, I like to… Hunt, fish, camp, goof off.

Three things you would always find in my fridge… Cheese sticks. Carrots. Ranch.

Something nobody knows about me or would be surprised to know about me… I speak Greek.

Favorite physical activity outside of CFI… Really??

Favorite place to eat in Cache Valley… I like iron gate and jimmy johns.

Song(s) that gets me pumped up for a workout… Bringing sexy back Justin Timberlake. Although I only ever hear the first 10 seconds and then everything goes blank.

The last thing I ate was… a bunch of jelly beans, peeps, and other easter candy.Now I’m going to wash it down with a mini thanksgiving dinner!!!

My proudest accomplishment is… Marrying my wife in the temple.

My six month goal is… To get my second business profitable and booming.

If I could have ANYBODY (living or dead) over for dinner, it would be… God, I’m meaning the big man upstairs. I’ve got some questions for him.

My favorite workout attire is… Just like all the other shmucks at 7am, shorts and no shirt!

My favorite workout partner(s)… Brunson, Dougy, Paul, Jerry, Trent and Laney when he shows up.

If you created a WOD and named it after yourself what would the workout be?
“Big Steve”
50 wall balls
15 power snatch 135#
400m run
25 plate pushups
50 dbls
25 situps with a 25# wall ball
400m run
15 squat clean/jerk 155#
50 wall balls

Big Steve (as he’s more affectionately known) is pure entertainment.  There isn’t a morning that goes by that he doesn’t have us all in stiches. Steve also keeps us all motivated and focused on doing our best or even better than we think we can.  It’s a pleasure to have him at our box and it is a been fun to watch him get stronger, faster and watch his fire for Crossfit burn bright over the past 6 months. Thanks for bringing it everyday and making the 7am group such a blast!! – Paul


April 30th Weekend Warrior Update

With a few of our members out and about this weekend I thought I would share a quick update.  Kolett Lewis rocked her Half Marathon with a time of 1 hour 42 min which was a PR for her by over 5 min.  She also took second in her age group!!

Kolett with her hardware!!

Jerry, Stephanie and Paul competed in the Balanced Man Triathlon.  Stephanie finished 6th overall and 1st in her age group with a time of 1:01:42.  Paul finished 5th overall and 2nd in his age group with a time of 54:54.  Jerry finished 10th overall and 3rd in his age group with a time of 57:58. Full Balanced Man Triathlon results are posted here.

Way to represent and test your training!!


Good luck to Kolett Lewis who will be competing tomorrow in the Thanksgiving Point Half Marathon and to Paul, Jerry and Stephanie Hall who will be competing in a local triathlon.

Coach Brett and Coach Doug will take great care of everyone tomorrow morning at 7:30 am!

800m run
3 tire flips
10 squats
10 ring dip
400m run
6 tire flips
20 squats
10 ring dips
200m run w/sand bag (80#/30#)
30 squats
10 ring dips

– There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look good on the beach. But excessive focus on appearance can lead to frustration in the gym. Set your waistline measurement and scale weight aside and lay out a set of goals. This will drive you to the next level!  Watch this video here from Sea City CrossFit that speaks to this exact point. 

4-29-11 Am I worth it?

25x Pull-up
50x Deadlift @ 135# / 95#
50x Push-up
50x Box Jump @ 24″ / 20″ box
50x Floor Wiper @ 135# / 95# (feet must touch the plate, left then right = 1 rep)
50x KB Clean and Press @ 36# / 25# (25 each arm – KB must touch floor between reps)
25x Pull-up
300 reps total

Compare your previous time here.

CrossFit IoTA 300 Scorecard - April 29, 2011

Am I Worth It?

Doing Crossfit takes a certain amount of self worth.  You have to consider some things when deciding whether or not you can truly dedicate yourself to being a Crossfiter and doing what it takes to be the best ou can be.  Ask yourself: Am I worth the sweat, blood, muscle soreness, and honest hard work?  Can I look past my insecurities and excuses in order to gain a better life and better health?  Can I keep telling myself I’m worth the consistency, discipline both in and out of he gym, and the fight against those who tell me I CAN’T, even when one of those people is me? Can I keep working even when it gets tough or come to the box when i just flat out don’t feel like it?

Are you worth the fight?  All of the coaches at CrossFit IoTA think you are and there is a whole community of people waiting to tell you you CAN.  That community is filled with friends, family, neighbors, coworkers, and complete strangers.  That community is right here and statewide, nation wide and world wide.  It’s the Crossfit community. (adapted from a post by CrossFit Epiphany)

Pull-ups and Thrusters...O MY!


200m Run
12 KBS
21 Sit Ups

Accept challenges, so that you may feel the exhilaration of victory. – George S. Patton

Article of the Day: “What’s the Rush? The 10,000 Hour Rule” from CrossFit Mach 5(CA). The gist of this article is this… “Neurologist Daniel Levitin has studied the formula for success extensively and shares this finding: “The emerging picture from such studies is that 10,000 hours of practice is required to achieve the level of mastery associated with being a world-class expert in anything. In study after study of composers, athletes, fiction writers, concert pianists, chess players, master criminals and what have you, the number comes up again and again. Of course, this doesn’t address why some people get more out of their practice sessions than others do. But no one has yet found a case in which true world-class expertise was accomplished in less time.” Continue reading the article here…

4-26-11 Never, Never, Never give up!!

15 min AMRAP
5 Toe to Bar
10 Wall Ball
15 Walking Lunge

CrossFit Endurance (want to know about how to work CFE into your training?  Talk to Paul and he’ll be happy to get you started.)
3-4 hours after your CrossFit / Strength and Conditioning WOD
Run or Bike
3x 5 min intervals with 3 min rest between efforts
Cover as much distance as possible

CrossFit / Strength and Conditioning Rest Day
Bike or Run (based on your training type and event distance)
Short Coarse: 20 Min
Long Coarse: 60 Min
Ultra: 90 Min

Keep Steady Tempo For Your Distance. Terrain should be similar to that of the event for which you are training.