1-1-11 REST DAY!

Hope you are all ready for 2011!!  The staff at CrossFit IoTA are all very excited about the New Year and some exciting changes to come!! Thanks to everyone who made 2010 such a FANTASTIC YEAR and we wish everyone a safe, healthy and Happy 2011!! – Paul, Brett & Tami

I wanted to share with all of you one of our members success stories.  Michelle has been a member of CrossFit IoTA since June of this year and has made an amazing transformation on so many levels.  I am so happy for her.  It wasn’t a biggest looser contest that got her to where she is at now, it has been her willingness to work hard, be consistent and do it right that has brought her to this point.  I know that she will continue to progress, change and get better.  She was kind enough to indulge me by sharing some of her thoughts.

Michelle Weeks - Nov 2010

“Crossfit has benefited me in many ways.  It came at a time when I was very frustrated and discouraged with myself, feeling that what I was and had been doing for exercise and health was definitely not working.  I was very ready for a change and crossfit definitely provided that.  I must admit that I was a bit skeptical at first thinking that unless you spend 1-2 hrs working out it wasn’t enough, but I was proven very wrong.  I have loved the variety of crossfit, and how it focuses on may different areas: strength, flexibility, cardio,  nutrition, etc.  I even feel it helps me mentally to cope with everyday life and to face challenges.  I never felt comfortable in a gym setting, but this has been so different from that. It has been so much more motivating and enjoyable to not be trying to exercise on my own. I have made many new friends and acquaintances that have been invaluable with support, tips, suggestions and sharing their own experiences. The coaches are super supportive, and interested in each individual and their needs. My experience with crossfit has helped me find the tools and support to improve my health, quality of life, and fitness. Thanks to everyone who has helped and supported me, I couldn’t do it without you all.”

“Setting a goal is not the main thing. It is deciding how you will go about achieving it and staying with that plan.” — Tom Landry


Author: Paul @ IoTA Fitness

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