A. Conditioning

For reps
4 rounds
1 minute medball sit ups 20/14
1 minute medball squat cleans 20/14
1 minute medball twists 20/14
1 minute rest
*Score each movement individually

B. Skill

Ring Muscle Up

Muscle Up Progression

2 sets
1. False grip chest to ring pull ups (Keep rings close)
5 reps
2. Supinated/Pronated dead hang hold
Supinated For 10 seconds, Pronated for 5 seconds
3. False grip isometric hold 5-10 seconds (keep rings close to chest)
30 seconds
4. Ring Dips (maintain hollow body)
30-45 seconds
5. Muscle Ups with Feet on box (finish at bottom of dip, do not lock out
45-60 seconds
6. Jumping Muscle Ups (rings just above head)
3-5 reps


A. Olympic Lifting

Every other minute for 12 minutes
3 Position Power Snatch
High Hang/Above Knee/From Ground
*Complete without dropping bar
-increase weight here as needed-
*Record heaviest weight

B. Conditioning

10 minute AMRAP
10 cal row
10 Right Arm DB Push Press 35/25
10 Left Arm DB Push Press 35/25
10 K2E
*Coaches Challenge 50/35 DB & T2B

C. Core Accessory

“Durante Core”
5 rounds
10 Hollow Rocks
10 V Ups
10 Tuck Ups
10 Seconds Hollow Hold
-1 minute rest-
*Challenge here is to not let heels and shoulders touch the ground for the duration of the sequence