A. Strength

Back Squat 32X1 Tempo

6 reps, 5 reps, 5 reps, 4 reps

-2 minute rest between sets-

*focus on great positions this week – maintain strict tempo

B. Submaximal Oly work

EMOM x 10 minutes

Clean Pull + Hang Power Clean + Front Squat + Push Press

*start light and build a little weight over the 10mins – stay sharp with technique

*Use these 10mins to remain focused on skill work and quality movement. Don’t get too heavy here

C. Conditioning

For time:

500m Row

18 Alternating DB Snatches 50#/35#

15 GHD Sit Ups (scale Medball Sit-ups)

350m Row

12 Alternating DB Snatches 50#/35#

12 GHD Sit Ups

200m Row

6 Alternating DB Snatches 50#/35#

9 GHD Sit-Ups

*coaches challenge after 9 GHDs go back through in inverse order from 9 GHDs back up to 500m Row


Today’s focus will be the posterior chain, we will be seeing a progression of hinging strength over the coming weeks.

A. Strength

Deadlift from blocks

(set up plates or the wooden jerk blocks to pull from just above knees, that means when the bar is loaded it sits just above your knees)

4 sets of 5 reps

B. Conditioning

18-15-12-9-6-3 reps for time of

Power cleans 95#/65#

Russian kettlebell swings 53#/35#

200m run after each round

*coaches challenge 115#/85#, 70#/53#