5 rounds for time of:

15 Russian KB Swings

15/12 cal row

-rest 60 seconds-


B. 3 sets of

Single Leg Banded Glute Bridge

30X1; 6-8/leg

(higher time under tension this week – increase resistence only if you are feeling strong)

Kettlebell Side Plank


C. 4 sets of 4 reps

Deadlift From Blocks

Barbell is set up just above knee – adjust blocks appropriately

D. 3 sets of

GHD Hip Extension

51X1; 8,6,6

T Bar Row

30X1; 6-8reps;

* Loop a towel or strap around the bar

Alternating DB Bicep Curl

30X0; 6-8/arm;

E. 4sets/arm of

Turkish Get Up

3/arm – unbroken


A. Warm Up

3 Sets NFT

30sec/leg Single Leg Glute Bridge Hold

30sec Reverse Plank Bridge

30sec Tuck L-Sit on Parallettes

50′ B Skip


Hip Mobility x 4mins

90/90 KB Flow and Holds

B. 10mins Continuous Work, record number of push ups completed

20m Bear crawl

10 Dual KB Clean 53/35

20m Farmers Carry (as heavy as you want on the KB or DB)

AMRAP Push Up @ 4040 Tempo (stop as soon as you lose tempo or position and move to the next station)

200m Row

*coaches challenge ring push ups

Accessory work

C. RNT Clean Grip RDL

3131; 7,6,5,5

D. 3 sets of

Barbell Floor Press

41X1; 6-8reps x 1 set; 4-6reps; x 2 sets

Dual Dumbbell Prone Row

40X2; 6-8reps

D. 2 sets of

Staggered Stance Contralateral Dumbbell Romanian Deadlift

3010; 8-10/leg

Kettlebell Windmill

5/arm; slow and controlled throughout range of motion;


A. 3 Sets NFT –

Single leg focus Warm Up

6 reps/leg Plate Loaded Lateral Box Step Down 30X1

10m Skater Band Walk

Side Plank Clamshells x 10/side (20X0)


Lower Body Mobility 3-4mins

Squatting Weighted ANKLE Stretch

(use a heavy dumbbell or kettlebell)

B. 4 sets of 4 reps

Box Squat


*Increase load each set – make only last set TOUGH

**Box height is such that when seated thighs are parallel to floor

C. 3-5 Sets Increasing Effort Per Set

*record each time

3 KB Rack Squats 40X0

3 KB Rack Squats 22X0

3 KB Rack Squats 20X0

10 Burpee Box Jump Over (24/20″)

Reverse Sled Drag 30m

Airdyne 18/14 Calories or row

-rest up to 2mins-

*Choose KB loads that you can successfully complete all 9 reps unbroken at the tempo prescribed.

**Every set increase the tempo on the Assault Bike and increase the speed of your burpee box jump overs

***If your movement quality remains high and you are able to continue to increase your pace on each set, continue to 4 or 5 sets. Otherwise if quality or pace drops, terminate after set 3.

****scale burpee box over with a burpee step over

D. 2 sets

Abduction Bias RNT Goblet Squat

50X0; 6reps/side

*Positional Strength Work

**LIGHT LOAD – Positional focus

E. 3 sets

DB Suitcase RNT Step Up

31X1; 6-8/leg

*Building from last week in load – focus on tempo and hip control

**Prioritize the forward leg and NOT driving up off the back leg

***Box height is just below the knee


A. Warmup

3 Sets NFT

6-8/arm Standing Landmine Press 2121

Reverse Quadruped Crawl 10m Slow Deliberate

6-8 Single Arm Dumbbell Powell Raise 30X0


Shoulder Mobility 3-4mins

Supine Shoulder Flexion With Thoracic Mobilization

B. 3 sets of

Barbell Z Press

4141; 4-6reps x 1 sets; 3-5reps; x 2 sets

Single Arm Dumbbell Upright Row

2121; 6/arm

C. 3-4 Sets record each time, KB weight and # of push ups

30sec Sorenson Hold

30m Dual Kettlebell Front Rack Carry (TOUGH FOR YOU)

30sec Feet Elevated Ring Row Hold (challenge to make your body position this week more horizontal)

8-10 Diamond Push Ups 30X0

*based on your energy levels and time restraints stop at 3 sets or complete 4.

D. 3 sets of

Handstand Hold

30-50sec Unbroken

*extend your sets from last week *if you need to break up the set into multiple sets to reach 30sec that is OK

Supinated Pull Up Isometric

30-50sec Unbroken

*if you need to break up the set into multiple sets to reach 30sec that is OK

Supine Toes to Bar

31X1; 8-12reps


A. Warm Up

2 Rounds – CNS PREP

5 Seated Box Jumps

5 Med Ball Reverse Toss

3 Rounds – Build pace a little each round

15 Russian Swings
15/12 Cal Row

rest 60sec

4 Rounds – Slow Down and Control

8 Rower Pike Ups slow controlled

8 Archer Ring Row Hold Switches 2sec hold each rep (alternating; 4 total per side each round) or scale back to ring row hold for 20 seconds

B. 3 sets of

Single Leg Banded Glute Bridge

10X2; 8-10/leg

Side Plank


C. 4 sets of 5 reps

Deadlift From Blocks

Barbell is set up just above knee – adjust blocks appropriately. As these progress follow written instructions for bar placement

D. 3 sets of

GHD Hip Extension

3131; 6-8reps

Single Arm Landmine Row

30X1; 6-8/arm

Lying Banded Bicep Curls

10X0; 15-20reps

E. Turkish Get Up

10/arm – light to moderate loading *alternating arms every 2 reps


A. Warmup

3-4 Sets NFT

6-8 reps/arm Half Kneeling Kettlebell Press Tempo 3111

30sec Wall Sit

+ Scapular Positional Strength and Active Mobility Work

3-4 sets

Prone Y’s on Floor – 12 reps (pause 2sec at top of each rep)

B. 3 sets of the following complex each movement has the tempo and goes right into the next

3331 Good Morning x 3 reps

3131 Kang Squat x 3 reps

3111 Back Rack Reverse Lunge x 4 reps alternating (2/leg)

C. This is our “metcon”

Record each time on the whiteboard

4 Sets

6-8 Strict Pull Ups 30X0

40 Double Unders

10-12 Push Ups 30X0

Airdyne 60sec @ 85% Effort

rest walk 75sec between sets

*you may also row

* Pull up scaling option: jumping pull up negatives with controlled 3 second descent or use a band for assistance

* Triple the number of double unders as singles if you do not have this skill – accumulate volume in your warmup for practice if you wish

*ring push ups for coaches challenge

D. Back Squat

42X1; 5 Reps Every 3:30 x 4 sets

E. 3 sets of the follow triplet superset

Goblet Loaded Curtsy Step Down

40X1; 6-8/leg

*box height just below knee height

Dumbbell Bench Press

2121; 6-8reps

Banded Tricep Extensions

20X0; 16-20reps