A. Warm Up

EMOM x 12 mins

1st – Goblet Cossack Squat x 3/leg Tempo 30X0

2nd – 10 Russian KBS Heavy

3rd – 20sec Air dyne HARD (build up to sprint pace)

B. Olympic Lifting

3 sets of 5 reps Muscle Clean


4 sets of Muscle Snatch Complex

1 Muscle Snatch + 2 Hang Muscle Snatch Below Knee


3 Rounds for time of:

4 Hang Power Cleans 95/65

6 Thrusters

8 Bar Facing Burpees

12 Toes to Bar

Row 18/15 Calories

-rest 2mins between rounds-

*Every set increase your pace on the Rower

**coaches challenge 5 rounds


A. Warm Up

3 Rounds NFT

14/12 Calories Airdyne

10 Standing Alternating KB Press Top Down 30X0 (5/arm)

20 Tall Plank Shoulder Taps

*challenge 3 wall Walks


Shoulder Mobility

Quadruped Shoulder C.A.R

6reps/side x 2-3sets

*hold tension throughout your body by tightening your core and lower body while moving. Move slowly and deliberately and make one revolution of the arm in about 10 seconds

A. Strength

4 sets of

Strict Press

*challenge dynamic load strict press

4141; 3-5reps

Single Leg Glute Bridge

3111; 4-6/leg

*challenge single leg barbell glute bridge


4 sets for time of:

20sec Dip Support

6 Single Arm KB Clean and Push Press R

20m Single Arm KB Rack Carry R

6 Single Arm KB Clean and Push Press L

20m Single Arm KB Rack Carry L

12 Ring Rows

*coaches challenge ring dip support and kipping Pulls Ups


3 Sets NFT

6 Single Arm KB Z Press/arm

30sec 1/4 Squat Pulse

*KB Rack for challenge

20 Psoas March

+ Scapular Positional Strength and Active Mobility Work

2-3 sets

8-15 reps of Seated 45 Degree Incline Shoulder Abduction (45 Degree Incline Band Pull Aparts) -(2sec hold each rep)

B. Strength

Back Squat

Every 3:30 minutes 1.1 Reps

Tempo 31X1; rest 15sec between 1’s;

Or just do sets of two reps without reracking bar


4 Sets for time

Row 20/18 Calories

14 Dumbbell Front Squats 50/35

8 C2B Pull Ups*

8 Ring Dips**

-rest 90sec-

*scale C2B to pull ups or ring rows

**scale dips to bar dips or push ups

***coaches challenge 60/40 DB, UNBROKEN 12 reps on gymnastics

8.16.19 Olympic Lifting Technique Day

Focus today is on olympic lifts and the anterior side of our legs which is why we’re warming up with plyometrics (tall box jump) to wake up our central nervous system and box step downs to warm up our knees and hips for the wod.

A. Warm Up

EMOM for 12 minutes

1st – 4 Tall Box Step Down/leg 2111

*goblet load for challenge

2nd – 5 Tall Box Jump

*seated box jump if unable to do tall box jump, tall box jump doesnt mean jump to a tall box, it means jump and land tall on top of the box.

3rd – 30sec Row increase pace each round

B. Skill

4 sets of Hang Muscle Snatch Complex

2 Hang Muscle Snatch Above Knee

2 Hang Muscle Snatch Below Knee


3 sets of 6

Muscle Cleans


3 rounds for time of:

8 Burpee Box Jump 24/20″

10/8 Cal Air dyne

8 Dual KB Thrusters 44/26

10/8 Cal Row

8 Dual KB Front Rack Squats 44/26

*coaches challenge 5 rounds & 53/35

8.15.19 Last Day of Kids Class!

Today is the last day of Summer Kids Club! Also shirts/tanks are in so if you haven’t paid please do so when picking up! Hope your shoulders are feeling good. Today we’re focusing on posterior chain strength!

A. Warm Up

3 Sets NFT

35sec Sorenson Hold

35sec Extended Reverse Plank Bridge

Or Reverse Plank Bridge

20sec L-Sit on Rings (scale back to Tuck)

25′ Perfect Stretch Walk

B. Strength

Frog Stance Deadlift

2121; 5,4,3,5,4;


14 minute AMRAP

15 Dual Kettlebell Deadlifts 70/53

30m Farmer Walk 70/53

12 Push Ups

Airdyne 15/12 Cals

*coaches challenge Mixed Rack Suitcase Carry instead of Farmer Walk Carry

8.14.19 Shoulder Day

A. Warm Up

3-5 Rounds NFT

Row 200/175m (build pace each round)

10 Seated Bottom Up KB Press 30X0 (5/arm)

10m Reverse Quadruped Crawl


Shoulder Mobility

Side Lying Thoracic Rotation x 12/side 2-3 sets/side

B. Strength

Seated Press

4121; 5,4,3


4 rounds for time of:

8 Dual KB Push Press 35/26

20m Dual KB Overhead Carry

8 Dips

8 Diamond Push Ups

*coaches challenge 44/35


No kids class today, see you Thursday for the last day and to pick up your shirt!

A. Warm Up

4 Sets NFT

6/arm Tall Kneeling Filly Press Tempo 30X1

30sec Single Arm KB Overhead Split Stance Isometric/leg

+ Mobility

Seated Shoulder Abduction (Band Pull Aparts)

8-15reps (2sec hold each rep) up to 3 sets

B. Strength

Back Squat

4 sets Every 3:30 minutes

31X1; 2.2 Reps; rest 20sec between 2’s;

*Cluster Set – 4 total reps but you will stop after 2 reps – place the bar back on the rack and then after 20sec, pick back up and continue for the last two reps

**On your top set try to build from last week


4 sets for reps in unbroken sets

Air dyne 20/16 Calories

10-14 Kipping Pull Ups

6-12 Kipping HSPU

16-20 Wall Balls 20/14

rest 90sec between sets

*Aim to complete an unbroken set of each exercise that falls within the rep range prescribed.

**If you lack the HSPU skill, this week scale HSPU back to Kettlebell Push Press

***Pull Up Scale – start with lower reps if needed and or move towards an assisted pull up of some sort.